Green City

green city 1 final

The green city is a healthy and safe place were citizens can thrive,

below are the goals and design objectives of a modern green city affecting city planning, development and operations:

1- Enhancing individual human health

2- Protecting and restoring the water resources

3- Protecting and enhancing biodiversity and ecosystem services

4- Enhancing community quality of life

5- Promoting sustainable materials life cycles

6- Reducing contribution to the climate change globally

7- Building a green economy

Green city 2 final

the key metrics help identifying green design for projects in the cities are:

1- Energy

2- Water

3- Waste

4- Transportation

5- Human experience including education, prosperity and health & safety

Green city 3 final

below questions could help in identifying the above metrics:

how does your project get and use its power?

how much water does your building use?

how much waste your project generates?

what are the preferred transportation methods for your project occupants?

are you monitoring your project’s indoor quality reading?