Plan for Green

sustainability final

Areas to make green while designing, building and operating projects in Green cities:

View the project through the lens of life-cycle approach, during the project initial phase, there should be a series of workshops taking place to build cross disciplinary strategies that support sustainable design framework and assign responsible parties to all related tasks in a form of preliminary checklist and schedule, a whole building design approach.

Sustainable development final

Some consideration by areas:

  • Site:
    1. Preserving existing site conditions
    2. Restoring the non-building site area with native planting
    3. Managing the rainwater quantity and quality
    4. Designing site illumination plan to reduce light pollution
    5. Installing Energy star rated insulated roofs
    6. Locating more parking spaces underground
    7. Support alternative transportation with bicycle storage
    8. Preferred parking for alternative fuel vehicles
  • Water:
    1. Maximizing water efficiency
    2. Using adaptable and native plantings
    3. Minimize irrigation needs
    4. Using high efficiency drip irrigation system
    5. Decrease potable water consumption
    6. Installing low flow water fixtures
  • Materials:
    1. Divert more possible materials from local landfills
    2. Chose recycled materials
    3. Locally manufactured materials
    4. Locally sourced materials
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
    1. Adapt indoor air quality management plan
    2. Minimize exposure to air pollutants
    3. Minimize exposure to harmful chemicals using low emitting materials
    4. Thermal and lighting controls for shared spaces
    5. Increase day lighting for spaces
    6. Increase direct line of sight
    7. Increase higher quality of life for the end user