The Triple Bottom Line

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The Triple Bottom Line is described as:

Profit, Planet and People.  or

Economic, Ecology and Social equity

Economy: Producing a long term and positive economic impact products

Environment: the product should benefit the planet as much as possible

Social equity: Improving the life for the citizens


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LCC: Life cycle cost is the sum of one time and recurring costs of a material, service, product or system.

LCA: Life cycle cost evaluates the environmental impact of a material, service, product or system it usually identifies the long term operation and maintenance costs and should be the goal for the pre-design workshops done by project’s teams.

Closed Systems: closed loop materials or systems where systems are linked and one system’s byproduct is an input for another system producing different product creating no waste, making the overall system continue on and on.

Opened Systems: the major characteristic is releasing a waste and failing to use the byproduct partially or completely as an input for other products ending up in waste.

in Green City designing project team should strive to have more closed systems, focusing of life cycle costing and having the final output considering the environment, economy and social equity.