Green design’s criteria



Green design’s criteria and sustainability goals

Some criteria to look for while designing on a building level are:

  • The location should take advantage of public transit and existing infrastructure
  • The selected site should increase sustainability
  • Saving landscape and internal use water
  • Encourage green energy development to save energy and cut costs
  • Where does the building material waste go, are the material sustainable?
  • Can the design increase the health and productivities and the health of the occupants?
  • Preventing construction activities pollution
  • Outdoor and indoor water usage reduction
  • Building level energy metering
  • Demolition waste management
  • Follow industry standards such as HVAC standards set by ASHRAE



Some criteria to look for while designing on a Neighborhood level are:

  • The design and pattern of the entire neighborhood and surroundings
  • Implementing Green standards for the included building and internal infrastructure
  • Linking the neighborhood with external transportation routs and infrastructure

Sustainability three pillars are Economic, Social, Environmental, therefor every Green project should strive to:

  • Establish for greener economy
  • Enhance the quality of life for the community
  • Establish material regenerative cycle
  • Preserve water resources and the ecosystem
  • Enhance occupants, residents and citizens health
  • Affecting global climate change reversely