Israeli cities names matching internet domains Bundle for Sale

“.City” Internet domains with exact match of city names are for the city’s Citizen very attractive, unforgettable because of the psychological feature of Place Attachment:

Making “.City” very attractive choice for Branding/Marketing Political Parties, Individuals, Companies, Organizations… for any contents where the targeted audience is the city’s residents

Among many applications for smart city solutions hosting, Real Estates or Rental listing… etc.

Bellow are some examples of Live Websites:

Official City Portal used by the City Hall

Emails extension for citizen names:

Political Marketing


Tourism, Listing and City News:

kindly also check the aftersales domains auction for internet domains with “.City” extensions for example (Domains Auction)

the average asked is 50K USD per Premium domain

Among the world’s largest “.City” portfolio we manage the registration for, we have the following Israeli city names matching “.City” domains:


we are accepting offers for transferring the ownership of the complete above domain bundle

for more information, email:


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